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Jessica Long Embroidery

Hand Embroidery Companion Cards: Expansion Deck

Hand Embroidery Companion Cards: Expansion Deck

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The Expansion Deck is an amazing resource for both beginner and experienced stitchers. The cards introduce 30 additional stitches and explore the relationships between them. Pull a card for inspiration, education or reference while working on a hand embroidery project. The Expansion Deck includes a deck of 31 cards: 30 additional hand embroidery stitches plus one key card.

Each stitch card includes:

* A diagram illustrating how to preform the stitch accompanied by a written description * Codes designating stitch family, stitch use, and relative difficulty
* A photo of the stitch and stitch variations
* Tips and tricks
* A QR code linking to an online video tutorial
* Four exclusive hand embroidery sampler pattern are also included! These designs utilize all 30 stitches in the deck and explore the relationships and categories established in the cards.

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